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Celtra Press - Illuminating a New Generation of Dental Ceramics

Celtra Press Zirconia-Reinforced Lithium Silicate Crown & Bridge All-Porcelain Material from Dentsply Sirona

The year was 1988 when dental laboratories first heard about an “Aesthetic Revolution”. Up until that time, we had limited materials to work with, and doing cosmetic cases was challenging – to say the least. Porcelain was heavy-grained and metal framework had to be masked, making it difficult to refract light and produce natural-looking dental restorations. So, dental technicians settled for something that resembled glow-in-the-dark Chiclets. We all wished for something that was strong and translucent. There were many products that tried to hit this mark, but somehow, all missed due to their compromises in either strength or beauty.

Fast-forward to today. The science of dental materials has brought some tantalizing options to the table. We have Full Contour Zirconia (Zirconium Oxide), which definitely gives strength enough to eliminate metal frameworks, but doesn’t always deliver aesthetically. Dental technicians also have Lithium Di-Silicate that has been the aesthetic standard for years, but it also has some limitations when it comes to multiple splinted units.

Now, a new player in dental ceramics has taken the field! #Celtra Press (Zirconia-Reinforced Lithium Silicate) from Dentsply Sirona has achieved all of the expectations dental labs, dentists, and patients, have been hoping for. It combines strength and beauty into one product that is versatile and translucent. We have been using Celtra in our lab since its infancy, and have noticed several positive improvements that we believe have benefits for the clinician.

Celtra Press
  1. Strength of 500 MPA: Fracture resistance at 500 MPA opens up possibilities for not only anterior, but posterior, bridgework, and implant restorations. All this without the dense, glow-in-the-dark look of other high-strength ceramics.
  2. High-Translucent Index: This material refracts light in a way that is similar to enamel rods found in natural teeth..The main reason for this is that the crystal particle size is smaller, so it not only looks more lively, but it blends well with the surrounding dentition, giving it a chameleon effect. This is especially beneficial for restorations that have high-translucency and a dark shade.
  3. Magical Margins: Celtra has a better resistance to chipping in thinner areas such as margins around implants, which allows us to use this material in areas where we once had to choose a less-aesthetic material in the past.

In summary, we are excited about this new tool for the toolkit of aesthetic options, and how it can bring a “wow” factor to your dental practice. If you would like more information on Celtra, we have printed guides available for your office, or we will come to your office for a lunch and learn presentation at your convenience. Thanks for your time.

George Zoller, CDT

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